Stephanie Henry CCSB 2012 

"Putting together the pieces of smart education for our children and community." 
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Welcome to the campaign web site to elect Stephanie Henry to the Cobb County School Board, Post #5.

Please read through the information presented here but do not stop here!  
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Stephanie Henry

Mission Statement:  To represent our youth & families in CCSD, Post #5, today in order for our children to meet successfully the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow!

In Action:

-To adapt our educational system in order to address, reflect, and respond to America's changing economic landscape of the 21st century.

-To support our educators & administrations in order to prepare our youth for that changing landscape.

-To come together as parents, educators, administrators, and community to foster & encourage the entrepreneurial spirit i the coming generations.

-To utilize all of our resources:  financial, parental, personnel, & community in order to spur 'out of the box' education that will maximize our children's learning potential.

-To encourage always the development of our children into life long learners!

Smarter Education- The plans that have been laid out for our educational system, just as far back as 2009, in my opinion, could be and should be reevaluated.  Looking ahead now from the 2012 perspective, the challenges have shifted and the needs and opportunities have changed.

Where 3 out of 4 people who are unemployed have college degrees and over 50% of this year’s college grads are planning on moving back in with mom and dad because they do not have jobs.


What are we doing to prepare our youth for the changing landscape of the American economy?

What CAN we do to best prepare our youth for the needs and opportunities in that changing landscape so that they may be successful?

These are areas that calling out to be addressed.

Fiscal Responsibility to our community- I believe and KNOW that  living within your means brings freedom .  The challenges that are facing our schools from a fiscal stand point loom large for the integrity and success of our system.  The big picture is that we are forging ahead with a destination in mind that is in the best interests of our students, parents, and teachers.  All the while getting the most ‘bang for our buck’.

Supporting Our Educators- With our encouragement to our educators and administrations to think outside the box and truly challenge our young people-and with knowledge, passion, and interaction create life long learners that will be leaders, creators, and assets to the entire community.

Building Bridges- This is a job that is too big and too important for anyone to tackle alone- our entire community with ALL of us focusing on the BIG PICTURE of our children’s future (and ultimately our own). We should do our best to shun division of the small things we don’t see eye to eye on and focus on the BIG VISION for the future for today’s youth and a legacy of standing strong for those who come after us.

Personal Biography:


When our family relocated to Georgia almost 12 years ago, the number one criteria for us was education. At that time we had five children under the age of 10. After doing a great deal of research we found ourselves in Cobb County

Fast forword to the present, we have two children successfully entered into the university ranks, two in high school and our youngest in middle school.

Over these years I have found myself serving in our schools via tutoring, administration volunteering, field trips, athletics/music/theater booster, and have served on both our junior & high school football club boards.

Privately have been a member of the Mountain Creek Summer Swim Team board (several years as coordinator/co-coordinator), served on the Cobb County Summer Swim Disciplinary Counsel, supported Sandy Plains Baseball, Hoops 2 Heaven Basketball, Sunday School teacher, VBS volunteer, and Mt. Zion UMC's children's choir director.

While all this was going on, was in retail management (most notably with KB Toys when our children were younger and visual specialist at Merchants Walk Old Navy), Director of Hoops 2 Heaven Basketball, and Director of Children's Ministries at Mt. Zion UMC.

Believe that having the opportunity of representing the families of Post #5 on the Cobb County School Board would be an honor and a great responsibility in service to our community.

Be sure to check out the 'East Cobber' voter guide.  Information on early voting and absentee voting.  Also profiles on candidates!
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